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Qurbaani Outreach 1440 / 2019

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  • 2019 08 18
  • Secretariat

Alhamdulillah with Allah's grace it's a third consecutive year IFFD will distribute qurban in Malawi. The first year we only had 10 goats, (R5000.00/K250,000.00). In the second year, we had 2 cows and 27 goats (R26,200.00/K1,310,000.00). This year we have 4 cows and 29 goats (R41,400.00 / K2,070,000.00) - we received futher last minute Qurbaani time that pushed the number of goats slaughtered to 32.

May Allah reward those who contributed  financially together with all those actively involved in making this a reality "IFFD foot soldiers".
It was a combined effort and relay race, some produced script, some produced ad, some  conveyed the message, some raised funds, some contributed funds, some will distribute Qurbaani and some will continuously make du'aa for IFFD to grow to the greater heights. May Allah accept our deeds.

Since we have only minimal funds raised we are likely to only see to our immediate family members/ areas where we have our Madaaris.

And if we happen to save some cash from cow funds, we may then consider Nkhotakota for distribution out side our Madaaris areas.
Qurbaani has been allocated proportionally "the higher the number of Muslims the higher the quantity allocated".

As for Nkombe and Saiti Masungu, both in Mangochi, they were allocated cow each simply because of the donor preference and logistical challenge.

The allocations are as follows:


  1. Katonthowolo, Mzimba (1 cow);
  2. Chizaula, Mzimba (2 goats);
  3. Esnart Thanila, Rumphi (2 goats);
  4. Chimgudu, Rumphi (1 goat);
  5. Dangamala, Rumphi (1 goat);
  6. Kapalapata, Nkhata-Bay (1 goat);
  7. Bata, Rumphi (1 goat);
  8. Chimbavi, Rumphi (1 goat);


  1. Chimoga, Salima (3 goats);
  2. Galileya, Kasungu (2 goats);
  3. Kaning'a, Kasungu (2 goats);
  4. Mwangala, Dowa (2 goats);

Shukran to some individuals who sent in money on the day of Eid as well as on the following day (within three days of Qurbaani), the following areas also managed to get some Qurbaani:

5. Dwambazi, Nkhota-kota (2 goats);

6. Mtenje, Nkhota-kota (2 goats).


  1. Mkombe Springs Madrasah, Mangochi (1x Cow);
  2. Saiti Masungu Madrasah, Mangochi (1x Cow);
  3. Nawanga Village Madrasah, Chikuluma, Machinga (1 Cow);
  4. Chilipa Village Madrasah, Chikuluma, Machinga (2 goats);
  5. Chimpakati Village Madrasah, Balaka (2 goats);
  6. Mkwatula Village Madrasah, Balaka (2 goats);
  7. Chikamama Village Madrasah, Balaka (2 goats);
  8. Namalondwe Madrasah and Masjid, Chigalu, Blantyre (2 goats);

Should we receive additional Qurbaani more areas outside IFFD  madaris will receive insha Allah

Jazakumullah khayran