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Qurbaani 1438/2017

Qurbaani 1438/2017 detail image
  • 2017 08 26
  • Secretariat

"There is no deed that is more beloved to Allah Ta'ala on Eidul Adhaa than the spilling of the blood of an animal, i.e. Qurbaani" (Hadith)

Hot on the heels of a successful Iftaar-us-swaaim 1438, IFFD, once again has embarked on a Qurbaani 1438 / 2017 Project. IFFD will be conducting this Qurbaani in select villages of Malawi - during the three days of Qurbaani Dhul Hijjah 10, 11 and 12 (corresponding to September 1, 2 and 3 2017). 

The meat will be distributed to the deserving during these days.

The project is fully supervised and overseen by IFFD officials in Malawi. The cost for a sheep/goat is R500 (MK 25,000) and a full cow costs starting at R5,000 (MK 250,000).

People wishing to have their Qurbaani performed in Malawi and have the meat distributed among the people should contact us at the following numbers:


Sheriff Adams - 00265-888-22-22-25
Abdul-Razak Telela - 00265-999-32-35-70


Daudi Mkweche - 0027-62-146-6864
Birnam Abu Bakr - 0027-81-405-1054

Or you may email us at: