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Malawi Floods 2019 - IFFD Assessment Team in Phalombe

Floods detail image
  • 2019 03 20
  • Relief Department


After receiving news of loss of lives and properties because of floods that occurred due to the heavy rains from the 5th to 10th March 2019, IFFD conducted an assessment mission to determine the extent of damage. IFFD chose the area of T/A Jenala in PHALOMBE as a sample area to conduct this assessment. It is believed that data collected from this place can be generalised to other places affected with floods.


Population: 3666. This is a highly affected place as it is along the banks of Phalombe river.

Impact of Floods:

3666 families affected;
Over 60 Houses washed away;
Crops buried in the sand;
1,800 People are housed in evacuation camps;
Loss of animals

Relief Items required:

Materials to rebuild houses;
School children do not have input of learning materials;
Old clothes;

Islamic Condition in the Area:

5 Masjids available;
1 Madrasah;
There is a big number of Muslims


Population of 535 families

Impact of Floods:

5 houses  and 1 Masjid was affected;
230 affected crop fields.

Relief Items Required:

1. Food
2. Blankets
3. Plates
4. Cups

Islamic Conditions in the Area:

91 Muslim families;
1 simple structured Masjid;
No Madrasah;
The Masjid require 40 iron sheets;
Huge potential of Islam in the area.


Population of 700 families

Impact of Floods:

14 houses affected

Relief Items Required:


Islamic Conditions in the Area:

53 Muslim families;
No Masjid;
No Madrasah;
Huge potential of Islam

GROUP Mkwayi

433 families

Impact of Floods:

45 affected families
Poor crop harvest due to heavy rains;

Impact of Floods:


Islamic Conditions in the Area:

1 simple structured Juma mosque
57 Muslim families;
No Madrasa;


There are 7 evacuation camps in T/A Jenela only;
Over 11,000 families are affected in Phalombe District alone;
There are 187 evacuation camps across the country, according to the government;
Some people are taking advantage of the situation where non-affected people assimilate like are also affected by the floods so that they can get relief from well-wishers;
There are some organizations that assist flood victims but the relief is not enough to cover the entire affected area;
There is possibility that cholera can erupt as many houses have lost toilets and water purification is very poor;
There is possibility that some people in the evacuation centers can be affected with diseases emanating from fornication and adultery;


1. IFFD can help according to the availability of resources since the figure of people to be assisted is very big
2. When mobilizing resources school children should be considered
3. T/A Jenela is just a sample that can help to measure the impact of floods in 14 districts in the Southern part of Malawi.


IFFD Relief & Emergency Assistance Department is mobilising and appealing for people of goodwill to assist the affected peple due to the floods. Relief Items urgently required is:
1. Food items;
2. Blankets;
3. School material (pencils, notebooks, exercise books, etc.);
4. Tents;
5. Medical kits;
6. Sanitary pads;
7. Clothes;
8. Water purification systems;

Anyone wishing to assist in this venture may contact do so using any of the means below:

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