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Nkhota-Kota, Central

IFFD donates towards Ablution Facilities in Nkhota-Kota


IFFD donates towards Ablution Facilities in Nkhota-kota

One of the mandates for IFFD is looking after the small and little things - those often neglected but do matter in the lives of Muslims. In this regard, IFFD lists among its activities - building toilets in Masaajids where there are no toilets, rennovating Masjids and providing Musallahs in Masaajids. These are the small and little things that matter to make it comfortable for the Musallee and guests of Allah - the little things that we can afford through our hard-earned. sweat and earnings - but bigger in the sight of Allah.

IFFD first received a request to build toilets from Mtenje village (t/a) Malengachanzi in Nkhotakota almost 6 months ago.

Alhamdulillah, as funds became available this month, IFFD disbursed an amount of K270,000 (R5,000) to the community of Mtenje village to assist them in their efforts. The community will build six toilets to serve the Masjid.

The money will help buy iron sheets (Malata), cement for covering the toilets from bottom of the pits and for building, quarry and all that needs to be bought for the toilets. The community offered to provide labour and sand and bricks that are already waiting for others materials.

The project has already commenced and is expected to take approximately 3 weeks. Insha Allah, we will bring an update as we get updates on the developments.

Toilet and ablution facilities is one of the emphasised areas (tahaarah) of our deen, but hugely neglected where Islamic infrastructure is concerned. IFFD asks all to make sure that the seemingly small and little things like toilets are included in the overall plan when Masjid construction and Islamic infrastructure is planed.

IFFD gets its funding from the monthly contributions of its members. Mmembers contribute an amount of R100 (MK2,000) to fund the activities of IFFD. Its whatsapp platform serves as a Shura forum where discussions regarding the organisation are conducted. Shura is only open to dedicated members who have made the monthly contributions - no other chit-chats is tolerated at the Shura.

Let's continue making contributions so that, insha Allah, we can also rennovate and maintain houses of Allah in other parts of the country.

You may also submit other Masjids requiring this assistance to our Da'wah department so that, insha Allah, as funds become available we can move on to them.

Among other activities, IFFD also runs 15 Madrasahs in the various rural parts of Malawi. It is currently fundraising towards building of a Masjid in Neno district.

May Allaah help us all to contribute towards improving conditions of houses of Allaah that are in poor state.