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Halima Masjid (Mpindula village) in Neno - Progress


IFFD members visited the place identified for a Masjid in Neno and compiled the below report. IFFD is constructing a Masjid and classroom blocks in the area. These constructions will, insha Allah, help alleviate some of the issues that the community is facing.

Date of visit: (3rd January, 2019)

Team members

1. Abdulrazaaq Telela (member), 2. Qassim Chimbalanga (member), 3. Iman Isuba (member), 4. Br Ramadhan (Contractor), 5. Sh Jalasi (Contractor), 6. Ramadhan Chilipa (non member) and, 7. Uzayr Chilipa (non member)


In Front of Halima Masjid
The community seen in front of current Halima Masjid in Mpindula village.

On 3rd January, IFFD went to Mpindula village, GVH Mussa T/A Phambala for a site survey. IFFD is planning to build a Masjid and Classrooms in the village. After visiting the above place, the team went on to inspect bricks to be used for the construction at Kammwamba Trading Centre.

The team had a meeting with the following people: Sh Hassan, Group Village Headman Mussa and Jamaat of Halima Masjid. The meeting took place at Halima Masjid.

G.V.H Mussa and his subjects were very overwhelmed to learn that IFFD will start the project anytime soon. The G.V.H and all subjects alluded that Muslims in Mpindula Village are facing problems that need urgent attention. The following are major challenges:

  • The only masjid available near Halima is 40kms away;
  • Primary schools are found at a distance of 7kms from the Village;
  • Secondary school is found at a distance of 30Kms;
  • Clinics are found at a distance of 20Kms from Mpindula Village;
  • During Ramadhan or Qurban, they hardly receive help from organizations;
  • There are very few boreholes that support Muslims in the area;
  • Lack of Madrasah in most parts;
  • Muslims are hardly seen making da'wah in the area;
  • They do not have an Imaam to lead them during prayers nor teach the children;
  • They do not have proper prayer house and they are using grass thatched structure as their masjid;
  • There is abject poverty so they have asked IFFD to assist in providing them with clothing, especially Hijabs.
  • They travel almost 4km to fetch portable water.
Mpindula village

Appeal from GVH Mussa

The project will benefit more than 110 Families, the village headman appealed for the following:

  • G.V.H Mussa requested for an Islamic center in his area where girls and boys can further their Islamic education;
  • Madrasah should be introduced in the area in order to preserve deen;
  • IFFD and other Islamic organizations should remember the area when distributing Iftaar and Qurban;
  • Regular da'awa should be conducted in the area;
  • Organization should construct decent masjid, Classrooms and drill boreholes in the area;


Project Committee

The community agreed to choose project committee this weekend of 5-6th January 2019 and they will forward committee names to IFFD.


The Traditional Authority (T/A Phalula) allocated to Muslims piece of land about 2.5 Acres. Paperwork for the land is still in progress but the chief gave the Muslims a go-ahead to continue developing the land.


They are available at a distance of 32Km from the site. They are going at K15.00/each. We need almost 165,000 Bricks for the whole project.

The community moulded 10,000 Bricks, so the balance of bricks needed for the project is 155,000 Bricks. The supplier proposed that we source the transporter for the bricks ourselves since the available trucks around that area are not reliable.

We are negotiation with the Transporter in Blantyre who will transport the building material from Blantyre to Halima to pick the bricks from Kammwamba for IFFD.


The community assured IFFD that they will provide the sand. Alhamdulillah, the community already commenced bringing the sand soon after we left the area.

Quarry Stones

Proposed site layout
Proposed Site Layout of the new constructions.

There are men who are breaking quarry stones in that area and will send us quotation this week for 10ton trip which we are looking for. The quotation has since been delivered to IFFD and accepted. The quarry is currently being delivered to Mpindula village. 


Negotiations are under way to access water from a borehole from a nearby village.

Storage Facility

The first consignment of building material will be stored at Kachepa's place, the contractor will build the temporary structure at the site to be used as storeroom


There is need to employ the security guard to look after building materials since the community can’t do that because they are busy in their farms.

Road network

The condition of the road to Halima is in bad state especially when crossing two rivers, but the first one is sandy whilst the latter is rocky. The community promised to clear the stones for easy passage of the truck that will be carrying bricks and other building materials.

The community has since cleared the road at the rivers so as to make transportation easier.


The contractor is ready to start work anytime from now and has asked for the following to enable him start the first phase of the project which is the two classroom blocks measuring 6x12m/block and each block will have two classes and each block will need 50,000 bricks:-

  • 50% of his total quotation before commencement of work. Alhamdulillah, this amount has since been paid.
  • 25 rolls of brick force wire.
  • Foundation plastic sheet
  • 50 bags of Cement.
  • 3 ton quarry stones for foundation and slab.
  • 50,000 bricks.

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