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Mkombezi, Rumphi

Da'wah in the North yields two reverts, Alhamdulillah


Over the weekend (on the 26th September 2018), the IFFD conducted a Da'wah programme in the Mkombezi area in Rumphi in the North. Sheikh Uthman Abdallah, an expert in comparative Da'wah and his team were in charge of the Da'wah team. IFFD member, sheikh Musa Mzumara, was instrumental in getting this programme off the ground.

Invites were extended to over 40 chiefs, including paramount Chief Chikulamayembe. At the end of the programme, two chiefs (GVH Chawinga and VH Gryson Muyodi Harawa) reverted to Islam and declared their Shahaadah at the venue.

Islam is slowly gaining momentum in the North as more people come to know about the truth of the religion. IFFD runs nine Madrasahs in the North (seven in Rumphi alone), some of our children come from non Muslim families but just gets fascinated with the teachings of Islam at the Madrasah. IFFD is also trying to engage the communities in the North through other social methods. During the school recess in August 2018, soccer balls were bought - these are pending distribution to the Madrasahs to be used as Da'wah tools to engage the communities so that they know more about Islam.

It is sad that while all these interventions are being made, the North still does not have a proper Islamic Madrasah that can produce Aalims and Sheikhs. For children in the North to go beyond Qur'aan reading and knowing a few basic Deeni issues, they have to travel over 200kms to the Centre or the South in order to obtain higher Deeni education. Our education department has this as its focus area for a long strategic plan, Insha Allah, to provide this type of education in the North.

Other challenges is the misinformation and persecution being faced by our Da'ees and Asaatiza in the North. We have received reports over the last few months of our Sheikhs being denied rental accommodation - on the pretext that they are terrorrists and are not wanted. Some Asaatiza are being refused access to water wells saying these were provided by the CCAP or the christian missionaries for the community - so Muslims need to dig their own wells and get their own water.

To mitigate these issues, IFFD has embarked on constructing own accommodation (houses) for its Asaatiza. This also has an added advantage of saving IFFD rental expenses over a longer term.

May Allah Almighty accept efforts of all those that contribute towards its activities. Insha Allah, we hope Islam to grow much stronger in the North. We make du'aa for the Sabr and patience of our Da'ees and Asaatiza everywhere, Aameen.