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Missionaries converting Muslims at Chikuluma village, Ntaja

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  • 2018 06 14
  • Secretariat

For several times we have been coming across the texts about incidences happening in typical village of Chikuluma in Machinga. It was reportedly that almost 1400 Muslims have denounced their religion and have joined Christianity due to poverty. As well that was impact of some missionaries who settled in this area who provide people with basic needs including money, food, clothing as well as shelters.

This was later refuted by a certain chief on phone call and called it mere rumour. This prompted people to ignore the whole story. 

Few days ago I was advised by my friend about the missionaries in the same area and it gave me momentum to have private trip and witness myself. 

Upon my arrival there on Saturday 9/06/2018, I met Senior Group Nawanga and his men.  

In their explanation they  confirmed about presence of missionaries in the area and that people are joining Christianity due to poverty. Of course due to missionaries who are bribing them with assorted items.

Chief Nawanga also confirmed that these missionaries have reached the extent of building very executive house (self contained) to a chief in that area as a way of bribing him.

He however assured me that he is trying his best to control his people not to join Christianity and no one has joined in his village so far. This is despite that his neighbouring villages people are enjoying with such items from the missionaries. 

The only fear senior chief Nawanga expressed was about his siblings who will be out of his hand if nothing has done to motivate Muslims in this area. This is due to magnitude of missionaries dawah in Chikuluma.

I asked him what kind of help will be more appreciated in accordance to their situation.  In his responce he requested a mosque and madrassah as only weapon to control the situation. He further explained that the whole village has one small dilapidated mosque of which I saw with my naked eyes.  

"It is only when children have equipped with Islamic knowledge that's when they can be very strong and dedicated to their religion", he said. 

"We are not requesting money or other items from Muslim communities to stabilize our situation, that's not our demand we simply requesting Islamic knowledge as a way of strengthen our religion.. .no one can defend Islam when he is ignorant about Islam." Another man remarked.

They further emphasized that some chiefs have been corrupted by the missionaries and they are attending both Friday and Sunday prayers.

It is therefore my special plea to Muslim community that let's try to find long lasting solution to our fellow Muslims in Chikuluma, Machinga.

By: Brother O Lanjesi