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Condemnation of the Removal of IIB Billboard

Qur'aan Billboard defaced detail image
  • 2020 07 31
  • Communications Department

Islamic Foundation For Development (IFFD) condemns the actions of  individuals who have removed the Billboard depicting the Qur'aan that was erected by the ISLAMIC INFORMATION BUREAU (IIB) at Maselema in Limbe-Blantyre.

This provocative act, happened following the letter written by Rev. Dr Zacc Kawalala of the EVANGELICAL ASSOCIATION OF MALAWI dated 26 July 2020, to Blantyre City Council demanding for it's removal. 

We find both the letter and the subsequent removal of the Billboard to be provocative and incitive. 

For centuries we have coexisted as Malawians, during which we have read and studied these religious books (AL-Qur'aan, The Old and The New Testaments) and it never incited or caused any conflicts between us as citizens. 

The removal of the billboard is in sharp contrast with the philosophy of Malawi okomera tonse being championed by the new administration of H.E. Dr Lazarus Chakwera. We are  disappointed with the deafening silence by the authorities at Blantyre city assembly and we demand that they should come out clean and state their side of the story in the removal of the billboard. We as well appeal to the central government to intervene in the matter expeditiously through the ministry responsible for local government.

We would like to remind religious leaders in the country to refrain from causing deliberate friction among Malawians.

We are encouraged with the wide condemnation of this act received from well meaning Malawians irrespective of their religious affiliation.

We are a democratic nation, governed by the rule of law. Let the billboard be restored and those aggrieved should seek redress within the confines of the law and not through under hand tactics.

May Allaah bless Malawi and her people. 

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And say (oh Muhammad) "Truth(Al-Qur'aan), has come and Baatil (falsehood) has vanished. Surely Baatil is ever bound to vanish".Qur'aan 17v81

Issued By:

Communications Department
Islamic Foundation For Development (IFFD