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IFFD Ramadhaan 1440 Diaries - Day 1

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IFFD officials made sure the community of t/a Kachenga (Mkwatula and Chikamana villages) are provided with communal Iftaar items. The items delivered were plastic cups, pots, plastic plates, rice, sugar, salt, etc. The meals will be cooked for the community to partake soon after Iftaar, Insha Allah.

IFFD runs three Madrasahs in Balaka - at Kachenga (Chikamana and Mkwatula) and Chimpakati in t/a Msamala area.

Balaka has been hit by a wave of Christian missionaries in previously predominant Muslim areas, luring them to lose their Imaan through petty handouts and material things. These efforts by IFFD will assist, insha Allah, in making sure the little one's learn their Deen from small so as to counter these efforts by the missionaries.

These Madrasahs are run with the financial assistance of Brother Zubair Motala of Johannesburg (RSA).

Distributing Iftaar items in Chikamana

IFFD runs a Madrasah at Chikamana. The items are to be prepared every afternoon and partaken by the community for Iftaar

Waterwell in Chikamana, under construction

Waterwell is being dug in Chikamana. This has been achieved with the financial assistance of Br. Zubeir Motala of Johann

Chikamana - receiving Iftaar items

Community at Chikamana receiving their Iftaar items.

Infront of the Chikamana Madrasah

This thatched structure is being used as a Madrasah at Chikamana. Insha Allah, a permanent structure is required here

Chikamana - another view

Another view of the community representatives receiving their items.

Completed waterwell at Mkwatula

Alhamdulillah, at Mkwatula the community has already started using their borehole.

Waterwell at Mkwatula

Mkwatula in front of the waterwell - the waterwell was made possible with financial assistance of Br. Zubeir Motala

Handing over items at Mkwatula

At Mkwatula, the items were handed to representatives of the Community.

Waterwell - another view

Completed waterwell put to use by the community - there is scarcity of water in this area

Iftaar items at handover

Handing over items at Mkwatula - the items includes white rice, sugar, salt, cups, plates, pots, etc.

Community inspecting their items

Alhamdulillah, these items were made possible with the financial assistance of Br. Zubeir Motala

With the community

IFFD officials stand for a pose with members of the community at Mkwatula

Waterwell at Chikamana

The incomplete Chikamana waterwell project. In total, two waterwells are being dug for the two communities