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Buying land in Chimpakati

 detail image

Alhamdulillah, IFFD has secured the part of land adjacent to the Masjid in Chimpakati. This empty land is available for further developments of the Masjid, e.g. Creche, Madrasah buildings, farming activities, etc.

IFFD paid two thirds of the purchase price while the community contributed one third. The land belongs to the Muslim community, and IFFD will only be administering and looking after it. It has been made Waqf.

Officals Walkabout

IFFD officials walk around the land to inspect it and appreciate the land.

The land from Far

An image of the land from far.

Chimpakati Masjid

The Masjid.

Masjid close look

A close photo of the Masjid.

The Land - inspection

Members and the sellers and officials inspecting the Land in Chimpakati.

The Masjid - another view.

Another view of the Masjid

View of the land from far


Community on the land

On the land

The community on the land

The community

The land - from a far

A view of the land from a distance

members and the community

Members and the community pose for a photo

Walkabout on the land


Member on the land

Photo of IFFD member, sheikh Nkachelenga, on the land.

Land and signing

signing process

Infront of the Masjid

In front of the Masjid