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Katonthowolo - children general cleaning


November 2017, is the month that IFFD acquired its two first ever Madrasahs under its wings. It was an improptu decision -Not according to its plans. 

IFFD originally planned to officially start its Madrasah and education activities in January 2018.

IFFD visiting the community of Chigalu.

However, some time before then, it was overwhelmed with sad stories of Musallees returning from Jumu'ah without performing Salaat in Mwanza due to non-availability of a Sheikh to lead Salaat.

The story was compounded by the fact that many children around are "being wasted" - playing around the Masjid area - and not learning due to non-availability of a Sheikh to teach them.

That was enough, IFFD response? "Get a Sheikh to Mwanza and start paying him immediately."

By then, IFFD membership contribution could hardly go over R3,000.

Running a single Madrasah costs just over R1,000. IFFD had less than 30 regular contributors on file. However, the available members resolved - "send a Sheikh to Mwanza, we will do whatever we can that he gets a salary."

In Mzimba, there was a lone Sheikh who had been teaching for over two year ex gratis. Looking towards the skies for his Rizq. IFFD thought about his patience and said "enough is enough". Let Allaah provide him through " us" iffd.

These two were the first ever Madrasahs to be incorporated into IFFD system.

Five months later, IFFD was overwhelmed with requests. A well-wisher had heard of Masjids and Madrasahs in the, Northern region that had been closed for over two years. The well-wisher was ready to provide wages of Sheikhs should IFFD be willing to take these Madrasahs into its fold.

Never averse to risk, IFFD jumped at the opportunity - eight more Madrasahs under its wings. When the Sheikhs were sent to the North, and the doors of, some Masjids that had been closed for over two years were opened for the first time, one cannot help but remember the words of Chief Chimgudu, "IFFD, you have honoured us. We Chiefs in the North who were steadfast on Islam have been ridiculed and humiliated due to closure of these Masjids."

Then IFFD had to look back at the promise it had made to the people of Chigalu in Blantyre rural. Earlier in the Ramadhaan of that year, when IFFD visited Chigalu, it promised its people that among the first Madrasahs would be opened here. The Madrasah opened in March 2018.

Mwanza again called in April, 2018. The IFFD fact finding team that visited the district reported of a dire situation - Liwonde and Benjamini villages have no Sheikhs, the only reliable Sheikh in the whole district is the one at Mwanza Central. Again, Shura ratified the recommendation of the fact finding team and two more Madrasahs were opened - making it three in Mwanza.

Chikuluma story in Machinga had been reported elsewhere and it finally reached IFFD. It only suffices here to say the Madrasah was opened at Nawanga village, close to where the missionaries are busy misleading the Muslim masses.

Then we received stories of Kachenga in Balaka (Chikamana and Mkwatula). Alhamdulillah, we got a funder who requested IFFD to look after the two Madrasahs and he would take charge of the Sheikh's salaries.

Mangochi (Mkombe) was the last of the Madrasahs to be incorporated thus far. The Madrasah is doing well with over 45 regular children attending Madrasah.

Mwanza Central Masjid
One of the first Marasahs to be established by IFFD.

One year later, in 2018, we look back. IFFD is running 17 Madrasahs. The infrastructures are not that great, many of these Madrasahs lack basic materials like chalkboard, basic kitaabs, etc. - Chikamana and Chikuluma do not yet have a permanent structure for its Madrasah.

At its Annual General Meeting, 2018, IFFD resolved to look at the quality of its Madrasahs. 

Sheikh Nyungwa, brother Kabetcha and their team at education have been mandated with this task.

Their immediate action was to deploy Sheikh Adam Jimu in the North to conduct regular inspections of the Madrasahs.
They have produced a list of requirements, which Ameer Bakali and the leadership team, are busy looking for the resources.

Going forward, plans are afoot to now consolidate these Madrasahs. The land that was bought in Mzimba has to be put to good use with a Creche.

FFD will also need to make improvements on its three children from Katonthowolo (Mzimba) that were sent to a boarding Madrasah - so that  insha Allah, when they return home they will be Aalims and leaders of Deen for their communities - a lasting legacy indeed!

From a budget of just less than R2,500 (MK100,000) a year a go, IFFD's budget is now over R20,000 (just above 1 million Kwacha). Alhamdulillah, on education department only.

 Membership contribution has averaged 65 in the last three months. *Many members contribute more than the mandatory R100 in RSA or MK2,000. in Malawi 

It is these contributions put together - that's when wonders are being done.
IFFD has many more requests on file - in Dowa, Ntchisi, Kasungu, Salima, Dedza and other areas are waiting for our intervention. With more members and contributors, Insha Allah, these reguests will also  be responded to.


Katonthowolo - children general cleaning