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Children in Katonthowolo Masjid, North

In keeping with it's budget and activities, IFFD has in the month of February 2018 awarded school bursaries to 12 pupils from various areas of Malawi at a total cost of MK 155,000.

Almost 80% of the bursary recepients are orphans being cared for by Grand-parents or extended family members. Some of them had already been expelled from school due to non-payment of fees. After the IFFD payment, the schools managed to call the pupils back to resume school.

The children attend secondary school (classes ranging from Form 1 to Form 4). Their fees are menial with Katoto secondary school charging MK9,000 per term (MK 27,000 per year) and Linga CDSS charging MK 15,000.

One of the pupils awarded bursary is an orphan (having lost both parents and no immediate family member in sight) from Mangochi, who through academic excellence, her teachers managed to organise tuition fees, but was still lacking basic needs.

IFFD education department awards bursaries to deserving students from mostly rural areas of Malawi. Among the conditions of the bursary are that students should really be deserving - and those with reference from a local Sheikh are preferred. The students are encouraged also to pursue deeni education while doing their secular studies.

In the future, IFFD is in discussions with its da'wah department to provide Islamic education for its beneficiaries as well as other youths in the secondary schools. This is to be conducted twice or thrice per week. The Islamic education will range from basic to intermediate depending on the level of the students. IFFD has committed itself to seeing every Muslim child being able to recite the Qur'aan as well as perform the daily ibaadat (prayers) which are obligatory subjects of Islam (Salaat, du'aas, seerah, etc.). These subjects must be imparted to every Muslim child.

This is  part of one project accomplishment this year. There are others that are still to come from the same department of IFFD education this year.

From education department, IFFD is now channeling its focus to the relief department.

This department will embark on Ramadhaan iftaar program in April this  year. This will be second delivery of Ramadhaan food hamper relief since the organization was born a year back.

Apart from our normal budgeted programmes. IFFD has projects that run using extra contributions from members within and outside. Example being the mosque that we are about to build in NENO.

Children in Katonthowolo Masjid, North

Children in Katonthowolo Masjid, North