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IFFD Official, headmaster and bursary beneficiaries in Salima

Just few days after its inception in May 2017, the Islamic Foundation For Development (IFFD) started implementing one of its mandate which was sourcing out poor and orphan young Muslims who are struggling to find ends meet. 

Meeting with some bursary beneficiaries in Nkhota-Kota.

Our team found ASHRAFA SALIM, a form four girl (final secondary school year in Malawi) whose parents passed away and was left to the mercy of the teachers because of her academic potential. 

Immediately in March 2017, IFFD intervened to help ease her situation and continued giving her a monthly stipend for her meals and other needs.

The girl from a humble school background, Ngodzi Community Day Secondary School, against all odds, made it to pass with flying colours. (Congratulations to her). Being an orphan looked after by wellwishers and a girl, for that matter, is not an easy thing. She passed - surpassing some fellow children having full support structures.

Islamic Foundation For Development (IFFD) is currently finding means to help the girl continue with her tertiary education. This is the vow that the organization made to support each and every learner who is almost unaccounted for in the world of education.

IFFD gets its funding from the monthly contributions of its members. Members contribute an amount of R100 (K2,000) monthly. Other Muslim well-wishers wanting to contributing, for Allah's sake, without becoming membes are also welcome. IFFD would like to request each and every muslim to render a helping hand to the organization.

IFFD do appreciate the support received from the general Muslim public and would like to encourage them to continue supporting it. 

A list of bursary beneficiaries is available from this website.

This academic year, 2018/2019, IFFD has upped its bursary list to 47 - priority is given to Orphans and/or single parent households pursuing education in Islamic environments. Last school year, 2017/2018, IFFD only supported 12 learners.

The bursary allocation for this year is R45,000. It far exceeds IFFD's budget for bursaries which was initially pegged at R10,000. IFFD hopes that its members and other wellwishers will come on board to fill the almost 400% difference. Insha Allah, with Allah's help this will be achieved.

IFFD Official, headmaster and bursary beneficiaries in Salima

Willy Ahmad and the bursary beneficiaries