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Saidi Mzungu Village Masjid and Madrasah - activity log

Saidi Mzungu Madrasah opening

Saidi Mzungu Village Masjid and Madrasah

This is within the Chikuluma Precinct where missionaries had targeted the area for their Christianisation project.

One of the poor villages in Liwonde (Machinga) area where the missionaries set up their base for a mass conversion of Muslims. The area is over 95% Muslims but basic Islamic facilities are lacking - when IFFD visited the area in 2018, it found no Sheikh / Mwalimu to teach the children or lead the Jumu'ah Salaat.

Upon intervention, alhamdulillah, a Sheikh was deployed to a nearby village (over 3km away) in Nawanga.

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Saidi Mzungu Madrasah opening

opening of the masjid

Saidi Mzungu Old Masjid

Old Masjid at Saidi Mzungu

Newly built Masjid.

Saidi Mzungu Masjid