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Lifidzi Masjid and Madrasah - activity log

Lifidzi Masjid and Madrasah

Our member, sheikh Matola, has been assisting this Madrasah (from own resources) for a long very time. Now, he wants to hand over the Madrasah to IFFD

Sheikh Matola uses own resources to run this Madrasah in rural Lifidzi. He pays the Sheikh. However, seeing that running a Madrasah is not only by paying the Sheikh - there are other support structures required, sheikh Matola requested IFFD to take over the Madrasah with the agreement that he will continue paying salary for the Sheikh via IFFD. Sheikh will now be getting his wages from IFFD, and IFFD will support the Madrasah via it's structures - inspections, syllabus, etc.

This becomes 26th Madrasah to be managed by IFFD.

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