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Geisha Village Masjid and Madrasah - activity log

madrasah children outside the masjid

Geisha Village Masjid and Madrasah

Request has been received from the community to operate a Madrasah in the area - the area has over 28 Muslim families and 36 Madrasah going children

The village erected a humble grass stracture which they use as their Musjid and Madrassa. They also aquired the services of a Muslim female educator whom they pay her salary from monthly contributions by the community. The community requires services of a Muslim Sheikh to guide them in Islamic matters.

Activity Notes:

  • Distribution of clothes in Geisha village (added on: Tuesday, 1st October 2019)

    This week distribution of clothes donated by Br. Abu Seedat took place in Geisha village Madrasah. Some children of the Madrasah are seen here donning the donated Jerseys

  • New Madrasah for IFFD (added on: Monday, 9th September 2019)

    After careful analysis and observation, IFFD has transferred Sheikh Kapito from Kapalapata to Geisha village in the district. Among other reasons, Geisha has far more Madrasah going children than Kapalapata.

Activity Gallery

Clothing distributed at Geisha

Distribution of clothes donated by Br. Abu Seedat in Geisha Village Madrasah. Here, students in the Madrasah are seen donning the Jerseys


This is the current structure being used as a Masjid and Madrasah

madrasah children outside the masjid

Children outside the Masjid