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Galireya Village Masjid and Madrasahs - activity log

Galireya Village Masjid and Madrasahs

This is one of the Madrasahs in the remotest villages of Kasungu. It is very rare to find a Masjid in this part Malawi, hence, when IFFD visited the area, it did not hesitate to respond.

Alhamdulillah, this is one of the places identified by IFFD as suitable for a Madrasah (and managing the Masjid). The Masjid (still in poor condition) does not have a permanent Sheikh, neither does it operate a Madrasah. IFFD sent in a Sheikh to the community in April 2019.

Activity Notes:

  • IFFD Adopts Galileya Madrasah (added on: Wednesday, 23rd September 2020)

    Sheikh Zimba was deployed as Sheikh for the community of Galileya in Kasungu. Alhamdulillah, a sizeable number of children do attend Madrasah and learn Deen at the Masjid.

  • Masjid at Roof Level (added on: Sunday, 20th September 2020)

    The Masjid being constructed by IFFD at Galileya is now at Roof Level. May Allah reward all those who donated towards construction of this Masjid.

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