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Nursery School
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Maktab and Nursery Schools Project


IFFD realises that an Islamic upbringing and Tarbiyah start at a young, tender age. As such, it will look into opening nursery schools for young children to learn Deen as well as good Tarbiyah. This was a resolution passed at the inaugural meeting in April 2017. This task is scheduled for opening in December 2017.

“Your wealth and your children are only a trial, whereas Allah, with Him is a great reward (Paradise).” (Quran 64:15)

The child, Al-Ghazali wrote, `is a trust (placed by God) in the hands of his parents, and his innocent heart is a precious element capable of taking impressions'.

If the parents, and later the teachers, brought him up in righteousness he would live happily in this world and the next and they would be rewarded by Allah for their good deed. If they neglected the child's upbringing and education he would lead a life of unhappiness in both worlds and they would bear the burden of the sin of neglect.

One of the elements Al-Ghazali insists upon is that a child should be taught the words of the Creed in his earliest days and be taught the meaning gradually as he grew older; corresponding to the three stages of memorizing, understanding and conviction.

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