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Malawi, Countrywide Project

Masjid Rehabilitation Project


At its inaugural meeting in April 2017, IFFD identified and resolved that immediately it needs to focus on rehabilitating and maintaining Masaajids in need of maintenance.

Short and long-term functions were identified. Short terms will start immediately depending on availability of funds. Long-term functions are scheduled to start in the next budget year -- December 2017. Among the focus areas for Masjids are:

  1. Construct Masjids for the communities that have starting materials, e.g bricks, etc.
  2. Construct Madrasah blocks where the Masjid proper is not sufficient to serve as Madrasah as well due to, e.g. increase in number of children attending this Masjid or the Masjid itself being small;
  3. Build ablution facilities (provide running water or drill boreholes) at the masjids that do not have them;
  4. Buy ablution tools e.g. Cups and pipes;
  5. Buy prayer mats (Musallahs and Mikeka) in the masjids that do not have or the ones that are there are in tartars. Imagine people doing their salaat on the mat that was bought by your funds.

Our officials are on the ground documenting these facilities. Should you find a Masjid in need of these facilities, please do get in touch with us at the contact us page.

Should you wish to donate towards this noble task, please also get in touch with our Finance Department.

Donate now. Wake up Malawi Muslim, Together we can do this.

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