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IFFD Activity report for 2017


Negotiations about the Islamic Foundation For Development (IFFD) started sometime in Ramadhan of 2016. These negotiations culminated into the organisation opening its banking account on December 24 2016 in South Africa.

People started contributing towards the organization soon after the organization opened the account. In Malawi account was opened some months after the opening of South African account. The population of members in this group grew bigger and the contribution also grew. The organisation had to deal with scepticism from some people who doubted it”s credibility from the early stages - leading members of this organization pressured on assuring them that this will not be a fly-by-night or a circus - it will be a mark or force to reckon with.

Today, we proudly inform members of this organization that it has indeed become a force to reckon with even before we officially hit the ground in this year of 2018. As a matter of getting ourselves organised, the following has been achieved in the year 2017.

  • Opening South African bank account;
  • Opening Malawi bank account;
  • Convening the first inaugural meeting of the organisation;
  • Write and formally adopt the constitution;
  • Selecting and endorsing board and leadership;
  • Registering the organization in SouthAfrica;
  • Registering the organization in Malawi.

We give ourselves a thumbs-up because all the above activities involved sacrifice of individual’s energy, finance and time. The organisation”s members serve ex gratis, no remuneration has ever been paid to any member in an official capacity. Although the organization was formally born in April 2017, the organization managed to do some projects through contributions of its members and well-wishers.

The following are the financial breakdown of the year 2017 in both accounts.


We have captured a total amount of +R90 000 ( over 4.5 Million Kwacha) in our revenue capturing system.

There were also some funds that did not go through IFFD accounts but directly transferred to the project under implementation. These funds were estimated to amount to R2000 (K100,000)

Examples of the work that these funds did was:

  • transfer costs for the sheikh (and his family) from Mangochi to Mwanza;
  • paying the customs duty of the dates for Ramadhaan hamper distribution project.


A total amount of R2,200 (K110 000) was used on the following:

  •  Opening RSA banking account;
  •  Opening Malawi banking account;
  •  Registration for the organisation in South Africa;
  •  Registration for the organisation in Malawi.

NB. Most of the money used was from the individual contributors who carried out the respective duties. At the same time, they are signatories of the registration and account documents. We thank the individuals who pushed for the above activities to be a success using their own efforts, time and money.

A total amount of R60,000 (over 3 Million Kwacha) was used on the following:

  • Socio-economic, Welfare Assistance:
  • Alleviating the condition of sickly shuyookh;
  • Fertiliser assistance to the needy;
  • Provision of transport to the sickly to their places of origin;
  • Ramadhaan (Iftaaru-s-swaaim) hampers 2017;
  • Qurbani 2017;
  • Employing two permanent Staff (Muallims / Sheikhs)
  • Conducting feasibility studies in various areas of Malawi;

NB: In above projects, an estimated number of 700 people were assisted by the organization funds.

Currently, IFFD has in its reserves a total amount of over R70,000 (including cash in the bank of R30,000) ready to fund its on-going and/or upcoming projects.

In a nutshell, IFFD has generated over R130,000 (K6.5 million Kwacha) over the year 2017 through contributions from members of the organization as well as well-wishing non-members.


As part of boosting its revenue generation, the organization opened a curtain business in Pietermaritzburg (KZN) in South Africa. The shop’s net worth is estimated at R30 000 (1.5 million Kwacha). The shop is expected to contribute an amount of more than R35,000 in the coming year 2018 towards IFFD financial resources.

IFFD is always on the lookout for innovative ways to boost its revenue generating resources. Anyone with an idea on how to initiate a revenue generation activity is welcome to contact the organisation.

Two well-wishing members played a major part in making this dream of IFFD business come true. The shop is currently at a break-even stage where it is able to run on its own without asking for any external resources – it pays its workers as well as rental and other recurring accounts.


2018 is the year of officially opening of the organisation activities in Malawi, the following projects are in the pipeline, some of them are waiting for availability of funds. IFFD has set itself an ambitious budget of R260,000 (over 13.5 Million Kwacha) for the year 2018 towards the below running expenses. We appeal to all to assist us in realising this dream with the hope of reward and better life in the hereafter, aameen.

  • Establishment of three (or four, depending on availability of funds) Islamic nursery schools (Early Childhood Care Centres) – includes the building of Madrasah/Nursery school blocks next to the Masjids.
  • Employing, at least, 5 Muallims (Madrasah teachers / Sheikhs) in the various Masaajid and centres in Malawi;
  • Building (and renovating) Masjids and prayer places in the various parts of Malawi;
  • Sponsoring, at least, five students by sending them to boarding Madrasahs and secondary schools;
  • Buying land (to extend available land for the Masjid) in the Northern region of Malawi;
  • Carry out various relief and socio-economic Welfare activities in the various regions of Malawi.

NB: The above projects are those proposed and are on the table of IFFD. Different departments of the organization will come up with their own additional 2018 proposed project needs.

IFFD has learned many lessons during the year to set this organisation to where it is. Some of the lessons are good and some bitter.We strive to improve on where we faulted and to do much better on where we were good at.

We ask all members to feel free to contribute towards the prosperity of this organization. This contribution must not only be financial but also towards better and improved running of this organization.

May Allaah guide us and strengthen us to make this organization a success, aameen. May Allah accept us and make this a means of better life in the Aakhirah, aameen.

IFFD Secretariat