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Over R25,000 raised in Pietermaritzburg Dinner Event

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  • 2018 05 15
  • Secretariat

IFFD raises over R25,000 in Pietermaritzburg

IFFD conducted a fundraising campaign in Pietermaritzburg in the month of Sha'baan in order to raise funds towards Masjid and Madrasah running costs in Malawi. The event venue was the Habibia Soofie Masjid hall in East Street.

Alhamdulillah, the fundraising was a success.

The fundraising was in a form of a dinner. Tickets were sold prior to the fundraising event at R150. A total of over 180 tickets were sold, and the event was received by a full house.

The event started just after Maghrib Salaat with a beautiful Qur'aan rendition by Qari Ismail Abdul-Aziz Saheb, Principal and founder of Madrasah Tarteelul Qur'aan in Pietermaritzburg. Qari Hamza Shuaib, an executive of IFFD, presented info about IFFD and its current projects.

The guest of honour was Moulana Na'eem Moola Saheb of South Coast. Moulana recounted several personal experiences setting up Madrasahs and teaching children in Malawi. Moulana painted a dire situation of Islam in Malawi with the missionaries making inroads in predominantly Muslim areas and villages. Moulana also pointed out the low wages of the Muallims who are faced with this onslaught from the missionaries.

The cost of the dinner was paid for by wellwishers from the Pietermaritzburg area, leaving collections from the tickets to go towards funding IFFD activities. May Allah reward all who made this event a success.

Specifically, IFFD would like to thank Moulana Qari Ismail AbdulAziz Saheb, Moulana Na'eem Moola Saheb and Moulana Suleman Goga Saheb for taking part in organising and participating in the event.

IFFD would also like to thank Management and Staff of Crescent Car Sales, Management and Staff of Falcon Tyres and Management, Staff of Emerald Auto and the general Muslims of Pietermaritzburg for their donations towards the event and assisting the IFFD in its activities.

At the end of the event, a total amount of +R25,000 was realised. People that graced the dinner also donated +R1,200 and +R2,000 towards Iftaar 1439 as well as to cover general running costs of the Madrasah. There were also others that pledged to donate towards the Neno Masjid and other activities of IFFD. May Allah Ta'ala reward all of them, aameen.

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