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IFFD List of activities in Salima

Lifidzi Masjid and Madrasah

Salima Madrasah Operations

Our member, sheikh Matola, has been assisting this Madrasah (from own resources) for a long very time. Now, he wants to hand over the Madrasah to IFFD

Chituwile Village Masjid and Madrasah

Salima Madrasah Operations

Request has been received from Chituwile Village. The village does not have a Sheikh to teach the children in the Madrasah leading to children being idle.

Makiyoni Village Masjid and Madrasah

Salima New Masjid Construction

Request received from community of Makioni village -- grass thatched Masjid in poor condition, no Madrasah activity here.

Maganga Boys Islamic Centre

Salima Madrasah Operations

request was received regarding a number of issues at the centre, the centre is self funded by the community and faces ongoing financial challenges

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