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IFFD List of activities in Mangochi

Mtule Village Madrasah // Chimwala

Mangochi Madrasah Operations

Request has been received from community of Mtule Village for a Madrasah in the area. The village is located between Mangochi and Balaka - just after Ulongwe

Saiti Mwasungu Village Madrasah

Mangochi Madrasah Operations

This is a village Madrasah currently being sponsored by brothers living in South Africa. Presenting issues are lack of inspections and quality of services.

Missionaries targeting another Muslim populated area

Mangochi Madrasah Operations

The Evengalism missionaries invade muslim dominated area in T/A B. Nyambi, Mangochi with preaching, cinema show and promissing money for those who embrace christianity. They are to stay in the area for 3 weeks. Many muslims nauzu billah gather to attend this including children who are taught kufr from 6 pm to around 8 every day.

Nkombe Madrasah / Makawa

Mangochi Madrasah Operations

Privately supported Madrasah has faced numerous challenges due to financial position of the sponsors. IFFD was asked to subsidise towards salary of the Sheikh

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