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Katonthowolo Masjid and Madrasah - activity log

Katonthowolo Masjid and Madrasah

Katonthowolo Masjid and Madrasah

This masjid/Madrasah was built and maintained by Samu Wal Baswar. However, they stopped funding in 2016 leaving the community stranded ... IFFD took over starting by paying the Sheikh.

The community in this area is in need of services of a Masjid/Madrasah. Since the disbandment of Samu Wal Baswar, the Sheikh for the Masjid initially stopped services, but came back seeing the plight of the community without a spiritual leader - many had threatened to revert to other religions so that they can have a sort of worship.

When the Sheikh returned, he worked ex gratis, not getting any remuneration from anyone.

IFFD intervened towards end of 2017 by fixing a salary for the Sheikh and taking over the overall running of the Madrasah.

Activity Notes:

  • Various clothing items for Madrasahs (added on: Wednesday, 18th September 2019)

    Shukran to brother Abu Seedat who provided lots of clothing for our children in Madrasahs in Malawi. Seen here is the school jerseys given to children of Katonthowolo Madrasah in Mzimba. Brother Abu Seedat donated over 600 Jerseys as well as other items to the children of Malawi

  • Community initiated development in Katonthowolo (added on: Friday, 23rd August 2019)

    The community of Katonthowolo have initiated a process of moulding and burning bricks in order to construct a Creche at the premises. Katonthowolo is one of the first Madrasahs adopted by IFFD. Initial plan was to put a Creche at the premises, however, due to lack of funds this has not been forthcoming. The community seeing the long delay are contributing manpower and the bricks would soon be ready!!

  • Two Children sent to an Islamic Boarding School (added on: Thursday, 11th October 2018)

    IFFD is sponsoring three students from this Madrasah to study at an Islamic boarding school in Mzuzu. It is hoped that this will assist in alleviating the issues of Islam in the area. The boys education will be a huge boost to the area.

  • Land adjacent to Masjid has been bought (added on: Monday, 22nd January 2018)

    Alhamdulillah, the land adjacent to the Masjid has been procured and made into a Waqf incorporated into the greater part of the Masjid. The land was bought through IFFD's internal fundraising via its members - two members pledged to provide the cash to buy the land, may Allah reward them well. Total cost for the land is R3,000

  • IFFD looks at expanding Madrasah activities at Katonthowolo (added on: Thursday, 11th January 2018)

    IFFD has been approached to procure the land adjacent to the Masjid. IFFD board has approved the purchase of the land which will be used for Madrasah and its Nursery / Early Childhood Care activities. Paperwork has already commenced.

Activity Gallery

Jerseys for Madrasahs

Children dressed by Br. Abu Seedat.

Uniforms and Jerseys distributed

Katonthowolo Madrasah dressed in clothing provided by Br. Abu Seedat of Springs, RSA

Katonthowol Madrasah 1439 Iftaar


Katonthowolo Masjid and Madrasah

General cleaning outside the Madrasah

Katonthowolo Masjid and Madrasah

Children in Class at Katonthowolo Madrasah

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