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Harima Masjid / Mpindula village - activity log

Manondo Village Masjid

Harima Masjid / Mpindula village

One of the very first places to be visited by IFFD in 2017 - still in poor shape. No Madrasah activities takes place here. Fundraising activities are currently underway in order to build a Masjid (with Madrasah and Sheikh) at this place.

This place lies in deep rural Neno. The Masjid name is Harima Masjid, it is in Mpindula village. The area is better known as Manondo.

There are over 32 families being serviced by this Masjid. There is no permanent Sheikh, and no Madrasah takes place here. The Masjid also services the four villages surrounding it.

The community moulded bricks and managed to construct a structure for the Masjid. However, they could not afford the roofing. So, the Masjid stands without a proper roof. Upon interview, the community is ready to mould more bricks for a proper Masjid (or assistance towards the roofing).

There is no running water, no borehole in this area.

The road to the area is very tricky - better accessible by bicycles, and walking on foot for the greater part.

Activity Notes:

  • Neno Borehole has been completed (added on: Saturday, 1st June 2019)

    The borehole at Neno is completed, and the community has started enjoying the dignity of clean water nearby. Prior to this, the community had to travel a far distance to the river in order to fetch water.

  • Madrasah blocks at roof level (added on: Monday, 8th April 2019)

    The constructions for the classroom blocks at Harima Masjid in Manondo, alhamdulillah, is progressing well. The constructions have now reached roof level

  • Madrasah blocks construction has commenced (added on: Tuesday, 22nd January 2019)

    Construction of the Madrasah blocks commenced in the area. Insha Allah, the plan for the area is to have two Madrasah blocks, a Masjid and house for the Sheikh.

  • Visit to earmark the area for Masjid construction (added on: Friday, 14th December 2018)

    Brother Chimbalanga with the IFFD team visited the area in order to earmark places where the Masjid (and Madrasah blocks and Sheikh's house) will be constructed. Alhamdulillah, an area of 1.5 hectares has been made available at Harima. Harima has a population of over 110 families. At Manondo - 8km away from Harima Masjid, there is a smaller but faster growing population - the community there requested assistance with the roofing - if the Masjid is to be constructed at Harima.

  • Neno Masjid Constructions to start soon (added on: Thursday, 13th December 2018)

    IFFD has received a boost from anonymous sponsor towards constructing the Harima Masjid in Neno. These are two Masjids that are about 8km apart. IFFD team visited both places on 12.12.2018 and confirmed the dire need of Islamic activities there. The places are too far off - not even a 4x4 can reach there. The only mode of transport is bicycle and motorcycles.

  • Over 30% of quoted amount pledged (added on: Monday, 19th March 2018)

    Alhamdulillah, as of today, pledges towards construction of the Neno Masjid has surpassed the 30% mark. So far, we have an amount of R35,700 pledged - payments are still to be made on most of these pledges. Jazaakumullah khayran to all who have made pledges towards this initiative. You may follow the fundraising at the Neno Fundraising page.

  • Fundraising for Manondo (added on: Tuesday, 13th February 2018)

    IFFD has resolved to fundraise for funds to construct this Masjid. Pledges have been received from its members. Full Masjid construction is estimated at R110,000 (5.6 Million Kwacha). So far, R33,000 (1.6 Million Kwacha) has been pledged. Insha Allah, looking forward to receiving balance of the funds so the Masjid construction can commence. Pledges may be made at our Fundraising for Neno page

  • Further feasibility visit (added on: Sunday, 21st January 2018)

    A further feasibility visit was conducted by brother Cassim Chimbalanga to identify the specifics and requirements of the area in more detail. It was found that there are two Masjids that are far apart from each other. It was suggested that both Masjids need development, but to make one Masjid a non-Jumu'ah - but Madrasah should be established in both Masjids. Adults can walk to the other Masjid for Jumu'ah, but not feasible for children attending the Madrasah to travel the distance.

Activity Gallery

Borehole Completed

The Borehole at Harima.

Manondo Village Masjid

This is the Harima Masjid in Neno.

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