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List of Madrasahs under IFFD Management

Below is a list of Madrasahs/Maktabs currently being managed by the IFFD around the country. While we do have  many requests for Madrasahs/Maktab and Sheikhs, IFFD evaluates its resources to see if it can accommodate the requests.

A full operational Madrasah/Maktab costs IFFD approximately R1950. This includes Sheikh's salary plus accommodation; a Jalsa is conducted at every term-end to entice children to work harder at approximately R900 per term (R300 monthly); and cost of teaching material -- books, kitaabs, pencils, Ustaadh's manuals, etc. at R450.

We urge all to assist in sponsoring a Sheikh for the community so that Deeni education can reach to as many people as possible.


Madrasah Area District Sheikh Responsible Number (Children) Number (Families)  
Chikamana Madrasah Kachenga, Balaka Sheikh Fahad Allie
Mkwatula Village Madrasah Kachenga, Balaka Sheikh Dickson Alli
Namalondwe Masjid and Madrasah Blantyre Rural Chigalu, Blantyre Sheikh Imran Twaibu 52
Mwangala Village Madrasah Msakambewa, Dowa Sheikh Selemani Frank
Galireya Village Masjid and Madrasahs Lukwa, Kasungu Sheikh Sabilillah Zimba 47
Kaning'a village Masjid Madrasah Kaomba, Kasungu Sheikh Uthman Mgodi
Nawanga Village Madrasah GVH Chikuluma Liwonde, Machinga Sheikh Miraaj Haji 75
Chilipa Masjid and Madrasah Chikuluma Sitola, Machinga Sheikh Is-haaq Abdul-Rasheed
Nkombe Madrasah / Makawa Makawa/Nkombe Mponda, Mangochi Sheikh AbdulRazaaq Imaan Daison 47
Saiti Mwasungu Village Madrasah Makanjila, Mangochi Sheikh Ali Muhammad
Silota Masjid and Madrasah Nthache, Mwanza Sheikh Yassin Mataka
Mwanza Central Masjid and Madrasah Mwanza Town Assembly, Mwanza Sheikh Hamza Hassan 46
Liwonde Masjid in Mwanza Kanduku, Mwanza Sheikh Moyenda Ridhuwan 43
Katonthowolo Masjid and Madrasah Enguncweni Mthwalo, Mzimba Sheikh Adam Jeem 74
Chizaura Village Masjid and Madrasah GVH Gudubule Saranda Jalavikuwa, Mzimba Sheikh Allan Mataka 28
Geisha Village Masjid and Madrasah Kabunduli, Nkhata-Bay Sheikh Ibrahim Amidu Kapito 40
Bata Masjid and Madrasah Nkhozo Chikulamayembe, Rumphi Sheikh Moosa Said 11
Chimgudu Masjid and Madrasah Hewe Katumbi, Rumphi Sheikh Abubakar Allie Hambali 17
Esnart Thanila Masjid and Madrasah Hewe Katumbi, Rumphi Sheikh Ibrahim Aubi 26
Chimbavi Masjid and Madrasah Hewe Katumbi, Rumphi Sheikh Abbas Muhammad 11
Dangamala Masjid and Madrasah Nkhozo Chikulamayembe, Rumphi Sheikh Ibraheem Juma 18
Chimoga Village Masjid and Madrasah Ndindi, Salima Sheikh Jali Matola 180

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