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IFFD List of activities

Harima Masjid / Mpindula village

Neno New Masjid Construction

One of the very first places to be visited by IFFD in 2017 - still in poor shape. No Madrasah activities takes place here. Fundraising activities are currently underway in order to build a Masjid (with Madrasah and Sheikh) at this place.

Yoyola Village Masjid

Neno New Masjid Construction

A Masjid in Neno servicing over 30 families - no Sheikh available, no ablution facilities, no borehole

Neno Turn Off Masjid

Mwanza Education

This is a very beautiful Masjid at Neno Turn Off. However, it is abandoned as little or no Islamic activities including Salaat takes place here.

Silota Masjid and Madrasah

Mwanza New Masjid Construction

The place has poor and small Masjid which is also used for Madrasah classes. The Shaykh stays very far away from the place,

Kashoti Masjid and Madrasah

Mwanza New Masjid Construction

The place has no Masjid, only a roof grass thatched place that they use as a Musalla. Madrasah is conducted in one of the Muslim's house. The community is ready to volunteer bricks, sand and water.

Namalondwe Masjid and Madrasah

Blantyre New Masjid Construction

Namalondwe village has over 170 Muslim families, 50 families are new Muslim reverts. IFFD adopted Namalondwe as its 11th Madrasah in April 2018. The Sheikh teaches at Madrasah as well as taking charge of the Masjid.

Mwanza Central Masjid and Madrasah

Mwanza Madrasah Operations

There is a good Masjid which is also used as Madrasah. This is the only Masjid in Mwanza with a proper Sheikh teaching the children. The Sheikh is being paid by IFFD.

Katonthowolo Masjid and Madrasah

Mzimba Madrasah Operations

This masjid/Madrasah was built and maintained by Samu Wal Baswar. However, they stopped funding in 2016 leaving the community stranded ... IFFD took over starting by paying the Sheikh.

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