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IFFD List of activities

Nawanga Village Madrasah

Machinga Education

Disturbing reports are being received from Nawanga village (Ntaja area) that missionaries are targeting poor Muslims in the area converting them to Christianity.

Mkwatula Village Madrasah

Balaka Madrasah Operations

Request received to inspect and conduct feasibility for this Madrasah being operated by Br. Asibu Masimbo in Balaka

Chikamana Madrasah

Balaka Madrasah Operations

request has been received to conduct a feasibility at Chikamana village in the area of t/a kachenga in balaka.

Mtenje Muslim Jamaat requests assistance

Nkhota-kota Education

The Muslim jamaat of mtenje village, T/A Malengachanzi in nkhotakota district are requesting to IFFD for the assistance of cement and iron sheets for the construction of toilets and bathrooms at the masjid

Liwonde Masjid in Mwanza

Mwanza Education

Liwonde is another village where there is a dire need for a Sheikh in Mwanza! Alhamdulillah, IFFD has now incorporated the Masid and Madrasah into its administration.

Benjamini Mosque and Madrasah

Mwanza Education

Benjamini is in Mwanza district close to the border. There is no permanent Sheikh here, there are lots of Muslim children and Muslims around the area

Maganga Boys Islamic Centre

Salima Madrasah Operations

request was received regarding a number of issues at the centre, the centre is self funded by the community and faces ongoing financial challenges

Che Jusu Village Masjid in Zomba

Zomba New Masjid Construction

Request has been received with images of sorry state of Che Jusu Juma Masjid in Zomba. The community already have moulded bricks but lack basic necessities

Mwachanda Masjid and Madrasah

Rumphi Education

This Masjid and Madrasah closed some two years ago due to non-availability of Sheikh. Alhamdulillah, IFFD dispatched a Sheikh in April 2018 to open doors to the Masjid and Madrasah

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