3rd IFFD AGM to be held on 21-22 Sept. 2019. All Welcome to Attend

IFFD List of activities

Request for Carpet for a Masjid in Dowa

Dowa Masjid Maintenance

Dowa Masjid Committee requests for a Carpet to furnish the Masjid. The Masjid is not carpeted - using various clothing and plain cement for the floor.

Kunkachelenga Village Masjid and Madrasah

Machinga Madrasah Operations

Kunkachelenga lies between Iburahim and Nawanga villages in the Chikuluma area where missionaries have targetted for their Christianisation project

Missionaries targeting another Muslim populated area

Mangochi Madrasah Operations

The Evengalism missionaries invade muslim dominated area in T/A B. Nyambi, Mangochi with preaching, cinema show and promissing money for those who embrace christianity. They are to stay in the area for 3 weeks. Many muslims nauzu billah gather to attend this including children who are taught kufr from 6 pm to around 8 every day.

Makiyoni Village Masjid and Madrasah

Salima New Masjid Construction

Request received from community of Makioni village -- grass thatched Masjid in poor condition, no Madrasah activity here.

Mdeka Masjid and Madrasah

Blantyre Madrasah Operations

Request received that an existing Masjid in Mdeka, Blantyre has no Mwalimu (Sheikh) for Madrasah.

Creche and Boarding Primary School

Balaka Madrasah Operations

Request has been received from Sheikh Yahya Mzumara for funds in order to establish a Creche and Islamic Centre in Balaka

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