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IFFD List of activities

Galireya Village Masjid and Madrasahs

Kasungu Madrasah Operations

This is one of the Madrasahs in the remotest villages of Kasungu. It is very rare to find a Masjid in this part Malawi, hence, when IFFD visited the area, it did not hesitate to respond.

Mwangala Village Madrasah

Dowa Madrasah Operations

Mwangala lies deep in Dowa, closest Masjid is almost 20km away. This is the only Masjid/Madrasah for the surrounding community. Alhamdulillah, under the direction of a qualified Aalim, Darul Uloom Newcastle graduate

Chituwile Village Masjid and Madrasah

Salima Madrasah Operations

Request has been received from Chituwile Village. The village does not have a Sheikh to teach the children in the Madrasah leading to children being idle.

Mtule Village Madrasah // Chimwala

Mangochi Madrasah Operations

Request has been received from community of Mtule Village for a Madrasah in the area. The village is located between Mangochi and Balaka - just after Ulongwe

Chilipa Masjid and Madrasah

Machinga None

Madrasah lies just outside Chikuluma area where missionaries are busy on mobilisation campaign to convert Muslims.

Ibrahimu village Masjid and Madrasah

Machinga Madrasah Operations

Ibrahim lies within Chikuluma area where missionaries have targeted the local Muslims by luring them with gifts and material benefits.

Saiti Mwasungu Village Madrasah

Mangochi Madrasah Operations

This is a village Madrasah currently being sponsored by brothers living in South Africa. Presenting issues are lack of inspections and quality of services.

Orphan family in distress

Zomba Welfare

Request says that an orphan family of 7 children is being looked after by Christian samaritans. The sad part is that the condition for assistance is for them to forsake any contact with Islam.

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