3rd IFFD AGM to be held on 21-22 Sept. 2019. All Welcome to Attend

Why Should You Join


This is for you fellow Malawian Muslims;

✅ Have you ever asked yourself why we are the only major religion in our country But have little or no influence?
✅ Have you ever wondered why we have no tertiary institution of all denominations in Malawi?
✅ Have you ever wondered why almost all our Islamic institutions are led and administered by non Malawians?
✅ Have you ever asked yourself why our learned brothers are underpaid, under employed and under rated?

⏺Our problem is not lack of resources be it financial and otherwise.
⏺Our problem is lack of Unity, trust, honesty and self respect.
♨Every rock wants to be a mountain on its OWN
⭕We have forgotten that Allah's help is guaranteed when we stand together-
 يد الله مع الجماعة
 AND The day we will wake Up and realise  that "UNITY IS   POWER"- أﻹتحاد قوة

Is when like Ants we will built towers/anthills without external support.

IFFD is born out of this frustration...on our little corners we can do little with our little resources.

But should we pull our resources together we are  destined to achieve greater things. 

It begins with as little as your hundred rands monthly into IFFD account.

Ndizothekeka! it begins with you.

nthache_bt.jpgA Masjid in Nthache Village, Blantyre where IFFD went to distribute IFFD iftaar 1438. These Masjids needs rehabilitation!!

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