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About Us

All praise is due to the Almighty, may His blessings and mercy be upon His final prophet and messenger, Muhammad ﺺ.

IFFD is an organisation founded by the indigenous Malawians in order to see to the societal needs of Muslims in Malawi.

We immensely appreciate the assistance we continuously enjoy from our brothers and sisters of Asian descent (Arabs and Indians) in terms of Islamic studies, institutions, Masaajid etc.

However, we should accept the fact that, for our own good and that of the next generations we can't reduce ourselves to only being recipients of aid. 

It's about time we shaped our future and determined our destiny by embarking on a journey of self-reliance, sacrifice, giving and sharing with others the little which Allah has given us as a token of appreciation to him.

ﻹن شكرتم ﻷزيدنكم 

We may consider ourselves poor, but poverty isn't much of our problem - the little we have could become more should we come together  and combine our resources.

This organisation (IFFD) is precisely established because of that. To enable us to stand together and pull our resources to uplift Islam and assist Muslim brothers and sisters in Malawi. This assistance will be channeled in a variety of ways such as running Madaaris, taking care of and building Masaajid, establishing and running education and health institutions, emergency support, tuition fees, social assistance and Da’wah activities.

All these can only become a reality with your generosity for the sake of attaining Allah's pleasure and reward; by contributing monthly as little as R100.00 to IFFD account.                                                                                                                     والله فى عون العبد ما كان العبد فى عون أخيه.

about iffd

IFFD was officially constituted on 15th of April 2017 at the Itereng Masjid in Laudium (Gauteng, South Africa) with the election of its first leadership. The negotiations to start a new organisation focussing on Islam and Muslims in Malawi started sometime in 2016, with the first account of the organisation opening in December 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

The group sources its funds from within its membership - contribution of a minimum of R100 per month - deposited into its banking account. Higher payments are recommended and lower payments are accepted. To date, the funds are stable and consistent. Membership is open for all native Malawian Muslims from anywhere around the globe.

Among other activities, IFFD is dedicated to do the following:

  1. Education - including, but not limited to: Bursaries, Nursery schools monitoring, Madrasahs and secular education, adult classes, etc.
  2. Social, Health and Welfare - looking after the welfare of Muslims in Malawi - constitutes Relief, orphans, clinics, etc.
  3. Media and Da'wah - projecting good and true image of Islam in the media as well as conducting and co-ordinating Da'wah programs. This department also serves as a voice of Muslims when it is oppressed by other negative forces;
  4. Relief and Emergency support: providing emergency relief when natural calamities strike. The department will, among others, monitor early warning systems with a view to preventing calamity from striking, being pro-active and providing emergency assistance at times of need.

Some of the initial projects and programmes identified from the resolutions at its inaugural meeting include:

  1. Identifying Masaajid in poor shape where the following assistances will be required:
    • Providing good ablution facilities - Masaajid lacking water, wudhu and toilet facilities, including wudhu cups;
    • Identifying Masaajid lacking Madrasah blocks for pupils, prayer mats (Musalla), mikeka;
    • Identifying and providing proper lighting facilities – using solar technology and portable lamps to Masaajid and Madaaris;
  2. Procure and purchase own fixed asset in form of land (building, etc.) where its activities may be housed;
  3. Formally register the organization as a NGO (non profit) in South Africa as well as in Malawi;
  4. Establishing and running Nursery schools in, at least, 3 of the four regions of Malawi. This is tentatively to start by December 2017.

The group requires regular financial contributions and du’aas to continue serving as per its plan.

May Allah Ta’aala reward you abundantly, Ameen.

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